Corso di Pizza


Pizza is one of the main dishes of Italian Food in the world . It was born in Naples capital of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies in 1880. It was  prepared in honor of Queen Margherita, wife of King Ferdinand of Borbone. History tells us that the first “pizzaiolo” was some Raffaele Esposito of Pizzeria Brandi, still in business.

The course starts at 10.30 with the explanations of the ingredients to get the impasto. Then  you pass the handling and preparation of the dough by adding oil, mozzarella tomato and various other products to create a taste to your liking. Once finished its preparation bake pizza in a wood stove burning and follow her manipulating baking the pizza with the tools of this art . Eventually is extracted from the oven to enjoy it hot and accompany it with a good beer. The cost per person is € 95.00 with a minimum of 2 people.