Cooking lessons in Chianti

23corsopastawebA four courses meal

The most important event, for an italian family, is the lunch. It can be a light meal, quickly consumed; or it can last hours, like a sunday lunch , eaten with family and friends. Quality of ingredients is as important as the quality of your guests. The truly Italian lunch is a four course meal.

Antipasti : Cold cuts, crostini, cheeses and sauces.

Primo : Pappa al pomodoro e pasta fresca farcita con ricotta e spinaci.

Secondo:Arista di maiale oppure spezzatino di patate oppure pollo alla cacciatora.

Dessert: tiramisu or mousse alla frutta oppure cantucci e vin santo oppure torta alle mele.

The course starts at  10,30 and last approximately 3 hours. Price is  95,00 € with a minimum of 2 participants.